Learn all about the Connections 2025 Transit Plan in the sections below or by viewing our short video. Check out the recommended route-by-route changes and updated interactive system map below.

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Executive Summary
Financial Plan
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Feb. Board Meeting Presentation
Route Descriptions
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What’s new about the plan?

  • More Frequent: High-Frequency Route Network boosted from 6 to 17 routes traveling every 15 minutes or better, over ½ million people will be within walking distance of a frequent route.
  • More East/West: Adds 2 MetroRapid routes going east/west with 9 frequent routes running every 15 minutes or better.
  • More Direct: Routes will be straighter and better connected to activity centers and denser parts of town for easy traveling.
  • Simplified Fares: Flattens fares for fast, easy boarding and simplified connections.
  • More Rapid: Adds 2 MetroRapid routes through downtown and east Austin with stations added to current routes, increasing frequency to 7-10 minutes.
  • “Super BRT”: Adds a MetroRapid route operating on future I-35 Express Lanes with in-line stations.
  • Goes Further: Ability to access more distant destinations in less time with less waiting and more frequency.
  • More Express: Adds more reliable Express bus service by utilizing new MoPac Express Lanes, connecting to growing communities outside the central core.
  • Community Routes: New service that may include on-demand, circulator or short-distance neighborhood routes, connecting to the larger network.
  • Faster: Suggests adding more transit priority lanes, curb extensions to increase pedestrian safety, signal priority and other ways to keep buses and riders ahead of traffic congestion.